Warehousing / Storage

Warehousing / Storage

Warehousing / Storage

Warehousing is the process of receiving, storing, and distributing goods. Storage, on the other hand, refers to the act of keeping goods in a warehouse. Public warehousing is a popular option for businesses that store large goods.

During covid and after covid there is a demand for storage and warehouse for both commercial and household goods but Leonora Express is rendering this service since 2008 across India to help contract employees who went abroad for their employment.

We Offer

Leonora Express warehouse provides one-stop needs for your traveling, renovating, or running out of space in the office or in your home. Leonora warehousing services are here to help you. Also helps in storing documents and automobiles.

We Follow The Following Safety Measures


Insurance Coverage


Pest Control


Humidity Control




Fire Safety


CCTV Monitoring


24 / 7 Monitoring

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