Factory Relocation

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Discover how factory relocation optimizes operations, boosts efficiency, and enhances productivity. Minimize downtime and maximize output with our expert insights.

Factory Relocation

Factory relocation can be a tedious process, as the relocation is of the entire manufacturing hub from one place to another. This requires careful planning, coordination, and execution to reduce any stress and damage while in transit.

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We at Leonora follow key steps to reduce stress and ensure smooth shifting

  • Survey

  • Calculating on labor, vehicle, and packing materials required

  • Working on timelines and Budget

  • Risk Management

  • Communication and coordination

  • Dismantling of the machinery ( if required)

  • Labeling

  • After transit – unloading and re-assembling

Factory relocation can be complex work that could drain the team mentally and physically. But
Leonora Express Packers and Movers are the experts in such tasks and ensure a smooth relocation.

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