Pet Relocation


Leonora has a decade of experience to relocate beloved cats, dogs, and birds to make your relocation smooth and hassle-free. We take personalized attention and care for your pet. Stay worry-free when staying away from your beloved pets, we keep on updating you about pet location.

Our pet movement services are planned in such a way that it should be pleasant for the owner and pets. We take details about the pets from owners like their medication, feeding, playtime, and vaccination certification. A veterinarian is consulted to ensure that the pet is in a condition to move and is healthy to make the trip.
Depending on the size of the pet, pet owners should provide the cage and information tag which contains the age of the pet, owner name, and contact number, breed of the pet, source, and destination.
We also provide a dedicated pet move escort for your pet depending on the customer an extra charge. Pets are transported via cars, containers, or trains on the basis of distance.

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