Warehouse Storage


Warehousing is the process of receiving, storing, and distributing goods. Storage, on the other hand, refers to the act of keeping goods in a warehouse.

Public warehousing is a popular option for businesses that store large goods.

During covid and after covid there is a demand for storage and warehouse for both commercial and household goods but Leonora Express is rendering this service since 2008 across India to help contract employees who went abroad for their employment.

WHAT We offer

Home Storage

We store all the household materials and furniture for short term and long term. We have warehouse facilities in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and Pune.

Documents Storage

Documents of the Small scale industry and individual also stored and maintained and given 24/7 access

Automobiles & Bike Storage

We help in storing car and bikes for long term by maintaining by charging batteries of vehicles on regular basis

Commercial Storage

We help to store machinery and heavy equipment which are helpful in exhibitions across India. We provide space for storage of e- commerce company materials

Leonora Express Warehouse

provides one-stop needs for your traveling, renovating, or running out of space in the office or in your home. Leonora warehousing services are here to help you. Also helps in storing documents and automobiles.

We Follow The Following Safety Measures

Insurance Coverage

Pest Control

Humidity Control


Fire Safety

CCTV Monitoring

24 / 7 Monitoring

How Does it work

The process for packing at your location involves several steps to ensure an efficient and organized move. Here are some key tips based on the search results

  • Start Early and Strategize:

    Begin packing least used items first, such as those in the attic, garage, or items not part of your daily life like books, movies, and artwork

  • Labeling and Organization:

    Store packed boxes in a way that the least used items go in the truck last and create color-coded labels for each room in the new house

  • Essentials and Fragile Items:

    Keep essentials packed separately for quick access and pack all fragile items with extra care. Label boxes clearly and consider color-coding them by each room

  • Packing Supplies:

    Gather all necessary packing supplies and pack appliances in their original boxes if available

  • Special Considerations:

    Thread thin necklaces through drinking straws or toilet paper rolls to keep them from getting tangled, and use buttons to secure them. Place loose items in luggage or suitcases for quick packing

“Pick Up From Your Doorstep” is a service that allows for the collection of items, such as packages or returns, directly from a customer’s location. For “Pick from your doorstep” instance, Veho offers a labelless and boxless doorstep pickup service, where customers can schedule a pickup date, place the items outside their door, and a driver partner will collect the return, eliminating the need for labels or trips to the post office. This service provides unparalleled convenience, better customer experience, and cost-efficient returns, ultimately improving speed to resale and customer retention.

The process for storing products at a warehouse typically involves several key steps. Upon the arrival of the inventory, the warehouse staff unloads the stock, counts and inspects the items, and then stores each product in its designated location within the warehouse. This process may vary depending on the type of warehouse, the quantity and size of the items, and whether a business relies on a third-party logistics (3PL) partner for inventory storage. The inventory can be stored on pallets, shelves, or in bins, and the use of inventory management or warehouse management software can help streamline the process and ensure accurate storage. Additionally, the application of warehouse automation, such as automated inventory management systems, can help reduce manual errors and optimize the receiving and storage process

“Deliver back when needed” typically refers to the process of returning an item to its original location or to a new destination when required. This service is commonly offered by various courier and delivery companies, allowing customers to schedule a pickup for the item and have it delivered to the specified location at a later time. It provides convenience for returning items, especially for those who are unable to drop them off at a post office or courier location due to various constraints

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